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Custom Work to Order

We are trying to make it easier for you to purchase custom work from us. Several customers have suggested that it would be easier for them to just have their custom work posted on the site so that they can purchase and download at their convenience. Anyway, it sounds like a good idea, so we're giving it a try.

When we do custom work per your order, the finished product will be in this category. When you purchase the custom product, you will be automatically sent an invoice / receipt with a download link for the product. I'd suggest putting your job name or number in the "comments" section of your order so that it is printed on your paperwork.

There are several options for posting the work here. Please let me know which you prefer. It can be posted publicly here under your name, or under a pseudonym / keyword so that your name or the project name are not made public. The product can also be posted in a hidden fashion, so that it is not visible on this page. In that case, I will send you a link to the page via email. Please let me know your preference.

We are in the process of training other artists to do 3D floor plans and such. When they are ready, their custom work will be sold via this page as well.

There are no available products under this category.